Aliph Jawbone Mini Jambox Best Speakers Review

Aliph Jawbone Mini Jambox – Today Bluetooth speakers are the thing—and those Bluetooth speakers have come a long way in just the last five years, going from okay sounding boxes that occasionally stuttered your streaming music to absolutely reliable, great-sounding devices. You can…

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Aliph Jawbone Mini Jambox Reviews
Aliph Jawbone Mini Jambox Speakers

Aliph Jawbone Mini Jambox Specifications

This Speakers made by Aliph. Before you decided to buy Aliph Jawbone Mini Jambox, we recommend you to read the details of specifications and reviews on below.


Aliph Jawbone Mini Jambox ReviewsName:Aliph Jawbone Mini Jambox
Price:$ 195
Use Score:75

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Aliph Jawbone Mini Jambox Speakers PROS

Here are some of the advantages of this Aliph product

  • Tiny wireless speaker that’s beautifully designed with a single aluminum enclosure
  • Nearly half the size of the original Jambox
  • Sounds better and plays slightly louder
  • And it has a built-in speakerphone and its voice

Aliph Jawbone Mini Jambox Speakers CONS

And here are some of the disadvantages of this Aliph product

  • Fairly expensive
  • No protective cover or pouch included
  • It sounds good for its size, but it doesn’t sound spectacular

What People Said about Aliph Jawbone Mini Jambox

Matching good audio performance and an ultraportable design with a flash of style, Jawbone’s Mini Jambox makes a strong case for a place inside your bag. When shopping for a portable Bluetooth speaker, we rightly focus on features, price and… Tom’s Guide

The 487,000th time I caught myself cupping my hand underneath my phone’s speaker so my friends could hear a YouTube video, I finally came to grips with the idea that the speakers on my phone, my tablet, and my laptop are an affront to the music I listen… The Verge

The Jambox’s fate is sealed by its price. At £120 you feel like you’re paying a premium for the stylish looks, rather than its sound quality.There is better out there for similar money. A super-stylish speaker that needs to do much more in the… What Hi-Fi?

The Mini might not be for everyone, but at the very least it’s a clear improvement over the original Jambox for the same… Engadget

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