Audio Technica ATH-AG1X Best Headsets Review

Audio Technica ATH-AG1X – The ATH-AG1X by Audio-Technica is a gaming headset that is tailored towards enthusiasts. With its quality built-in microphone, comfortable frame and closed-back design, this headset is primed to help gamers of all types conquer their foes with…

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Audio Technica ATH-AG1X Reviews
Audio Technica ATH-AG1X Headsets

Audio Technica ATH-AG1X Specifications

This Headsets made by Audio. Before you decided to buy Audio Technica ATH-AG1X, we recommend you to read the details of specifications and reviews on below.

Audio Technica ATH-AG1X ReviewsName:Audio Technica ATH-AG1X
Price:$ 230
Use Score:7.4

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Audio Technica ATH-AG1X Headsets PROS

Here are some of the advantages of this Audio product

  • Comfortable, once you get over the loose fit

Audio Technica ATH-AG1X Headsets CONS

And here are some of the disadvantages of this Audio product

  • Sounds hollow, especially at lower volumes

What People Said about Audio Technica ATH-AG1X

Do a search for the best gaming headset, and you’ll see a common refrain pop up in forums: “Don’t buy a gaming headset. They’re overpriced garbage! Spend your money on a good pair of headphones and a standalone microphone from a reputable company… PCWorld New Zealand

Déception que cet ATH-AG1x d’Audio Technica. Censé être le pendant “hi-fi” de l’ ATH-PG1 du même constructeur, il est pourtant moins convaincant que ce dernier sur tous les points, y compris les performances sonores. Inutile donc de dire que l’on est… Les Numériques

Audio-Technica’s ATH-AG1X isn’t a bad headset per se, but its cost far outweighs its quality. The loose fit of its unique design may also leave you annoyed. PCWorld

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