Gigabyte Aivia Uranium Best Mice Review

Gigabyte Aivia Uranium – To say that I have enjoyed my time with the Gigabyte Aivia Uranium is somewhat of an understatement, for me it’s one of the stand-out products of the last 12 months. It’s certainly one of the products that I would love to have on my gaming desk, that’s…

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Gigabyte Aivia Uranium Reviews
Gigabyte Aivia Uranium Mice

Gigabyte Aivia Uranium Specifications

This Mice made by Gigabyte. Before you decided to buy Gigabyte Aivia Uranium, we recommend you to read the details of specifications and reviews on below.

Gigabyte Aivia Uranium ReviewsName:Gigabyte Aivia Uranium
Price:$ 240
Use Score:87

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Gigabyte Aivia Uranium Mice PROS

Here are some of the advantages of this Gigabyte product

  • Superaccurate sensing
  • Size and weight is great for large hands
  • Easily programmable buttons
  • Detailed macrorecording facility
  • Long Battery Life
  • USB/Wireless connectivity
  • 6500dpi
  • OLED screen
  • 10 programmable buttons

Gigabyte Aivia Uranium Mice CONS

And here are some of the disadvantages of this Gigabyte product

  • Can get warm when charging
  • Very expensive

What People Said about Gigabyte Aivia Uranium

The wireless part of the Gigabyte Aivia Uranium is great. The docking station has a lot of potential, especially if future functionality will include features like those on the G19s and G510 Keyboards. The aesthetic is sleek and the mouse feels nice in…

The Gigabyte Aivia Uranium mouse offers the flexibility of programming 10 keys to user specifics while mapping keys or recording macros. The black finish on the aero-dynamic shape really made it feel great with the macro buttons and side makes it a… Pureoverclock

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