Urbanears Hellas Best Headsets Review

Urbanears Hellas – In some ways, the advancement of technology can be measured by how many gadgets we don’t have to buy. Smartphones have mostly eliminated the need for small cameras, GPS devices, camcorders, music players, and even wallets. With all this efficiency, it…

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Urbanears Hellas Reviews
Urbanears Hellas Headsets

Urbanears Hellas Specifications

This Headsets made by Urbanears Hellas. Before you decided to buy Urbanears Hellas, we recommend you to read the details of specifications and reviews on below.

Urbanears Hellas ReviewsName:Urbanears Hellas
Brand:Urbanears Hellas
Price:$ 99
Use Score:76

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Urbanears Hellas Headsets PROS

Here are some of the advantages of this Urbanears Hellas product

  • Lightweight, sweatproof wireless Bluetooth headphone

Urbanears Hellas Headsets CONS

And here are some of the disadvantages of this Urbanears Hellas product

  • They work OK, but not great as a headset for cell phone calls

What People Said about Urbanears Hellas

If you’re the active type and looking for a pair of comfortable, light, wireless headphones with the added bonus of being able to wash the ear cushions and headbands, you’ll definitely want to check out the Urbanears Hellas.Urbanears Active… techaeris.com

For a few months, I would purposely wear the Plattan ADV Wireless headphones from UrbanEars in the gym, but I longed for a true pair of workout-friendly pair of cans from the company, so when the company sent over their UrbanEar Hellas , I didn’t even… Gear Diary

The Urbanears Hellas are an appealing set of wireless workout headphones that can also be used for running and everyday… cnet

If you have the unique set of problems that the Hellas solve, then these are a great set of headphones for you. There are other better sounding, more comfortable, headphones on the market, but none are as well suited for working out as the Hellas. The… Android Police

The Urbanears Hellas are an appealing set of wireless workout headphones that can also be used for running and everyday use. cnet

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